Children’s Dental Care

Children's Dentist

The American Dental Association and Wisconsin Dental Association recommend a child’s first dental visit to happen when the first tooth erupts or by the age of one.

Our role as your Fond du Lac area family dentist is not merely to clean teeth or fill cavities, but also to nurture children to become fearless adult patients who respect their oral health. By bringing your child to a dentist at an early age, you can ensure the timely prevention of dental concerns and provide your child with an upbeat experience that can last a lifetime.

Fluoride Treatment – One way to help prevent cavities from occurring is through the use of fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that helps harden the tooth enamel and make it more resistant to tooth decay.  Dr. Floros, your child’s dentist, will discuss optimal fluoride sources and recommend fluoride treatments with you.

Dental Sealants –Sealants are a great option for the prevention of dental decay because they act as a physical barrier to bacteria and food that can occupy the grooves of primary (baby) teeth or adult teeth.