Dental Restoration

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Dental restoration includes a variety of dental procedures used to restore the function of a tooth by replacing missing or damaged tooth structure.

Composite Filling or Dental Bonding – A composite filling is also known as a tooth colored filling since the material used in the filling can be closely matched to the color of your teeth. Composite fillings provide durability for small to medium cavities. They are also particularly well suited for treating front or highly visible teeth because of their natural look. A composite filling can be used to restore a cavity in a decaying tooth, to repair a chipped tooth or broken tooth, to replace amalgam fillings or for decreasing the gap between teeth with dental bonding.

Amalgam filling removal – Because amalgam fillings were so popular in years past, many patients have numerous amalgam or silver colored restorations. For any number of reasons patients may want to replace amalgam fillings with tooth-colored, composite fillings. Some patients are concerned that the amalgam fillings don’t last as long as composite fillings, other patients are worried about the tooth cracking or chipping because amalgam fillings don’t bond to the tooth structure like composite fillings, some fear the mercury filling material that is present in small amounts in amalgam, but most patients simply want to remove the silver fillings from their teeth because they don’t look as nice. Dr. Floros can evaluate your amalgam fillings and prepare a plan for the gradual or immediate replacement with composite fillings.

Dental Crown – Over time our teeth begin to weaken and become more susceptible to problems such as cavities, cracking and discoloration. If your dentist observes a tooth that is decayed, weakened or cracked a crown may be a good option. A crown can also restore a tooth that has had a root canal or replace a large filling to prevent a broken tooth.

Dental Bridge – Bridges are a natural-looking replacement for one or more missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can restore the natural contour of teeth as well as the proper bite. Your existing teeth are used to literally create a bridge to cross the area where your tooth is missing. Bridges are made from porcelain, gold, or metal alloys to ensure that they are strong and durable.

Dental Implant – Before development of dental implants, dentures and bridges were the only alternatives to replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Dental Implants are titanium replacements for teeth that are anchored into the bone and are designed to mimic the tooth root. The dental implant acts as a foundation for an artificial tooth. An implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, or as the support for a bridge or removable denture. Dental Implants require the same diligent care that you give your natural teeth.

If you are missing teeth and are looking to restore the structure, function, and appearance of your smile with dental implants, call us today.